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Talking Kona with Laura and Coeur Sports

Laura’s web admin here – A nice little interview with Laura from the folks at Coeur Sports. Just a little shout out to Laura – best wishes for a fabulous race this weekend!

Laura featured in Huff/Post50 article

Laura was recently featured in a slideshow of outstanding athletes over the age of 50 associated with the Huff/Post 50 article “Inspirational Athletes: 10 Master Athletes Older Than 50“. A fun article and highlight of Laura’s accomplishments! See the full article here:

Sophiea Coaching Athletes Rank High

In 2011 Laura coached 11 of her athletes to All American or Honorable Mention in the USAT 2011 Triathlon Rankings! Amoung the 11, there were 5 All-Americans and 6 Honorable Mentions! Congratulations to Laura and her athletes!

To view the rankings for 2011 visit the USAT website.

Laura Featured in USAT AG Nats Highlights

Check it out! Laura is featured in the 2011 USAT Age Group National Championship Highlight Reel! Laura had a great race and ended up 2nd in her AG! Laura followed this result up a few weeks later with a dominate performance at 70.3 World Championships. Laura will hold the title of Female 55-59 AG 70.3 World Champion for the 2nd year in a row! Congratulations Laura!!

Tri Campers Reign over Local Tri


Amy, Alan, Yongmin, Shelia, Julie, Matt, Barbara, Kevin are my spotlights this week. After a grueling 3 days of training including 14,000 feet of climbing and up to 23 miles of running these athletes participated in Tri the Mountains Triathlon July 24th!

On tired legs, they clean up! Racing strong and having a great time!

North Georgia Training Camps 2011

Download the Camp Information PDF File

To register for camp, contact Laura via email:

Camp 2011 pg 1 - download pdf below
Camp 2011 pg 2 - download pdf belowCamp 2011 pg 3 - download pdf belowCamp 2011 pg 4 - download pdf belowCamp 2011 pg 5 - download pdf below

To register for camp, or if you have any questions, contact Laura via email:
Click Here to Download the Camp Information PDF File

Laura named Grand Masters Triathlete of the Year

Recently Laura was honored as the USAT Female Grand Masters Triathlete of the Year for 2010! Laura proved her dominance in her age group with an amazing year, including F 55-59 Age Group World Champion honors at both the Ironman and 70.3 distances! Laura we are so proud of your accomplishments! Congratulations!

Read the Full Announcement on the USAT website.

Laura is IM World Champion 55-59 AG!!!

Laura had an amazing day out there to take the 2010 55-59 Age Group IM World Champion title!

Congratulations Laura! We can’t wait to read your race report!

The results as posted on the Live Coverage on

Sophiea dominates the 55-59 age category – impressive racing!
1 417 Sophiea, Laura 55 Atlanta GA USA 1:06:18 3:48 5:35:37 5:53 4:00:08 10:51:43
2 419 Rouse, Kimberlee 55 San Diego CA USA 1:21:36 5:01 5:59:45 3:56 4:03:58 11:34:15
3 414 Wilson, Rose 56 Greenville SC USA 1:04:55 5:40 5:49:02 3:57 4:34:49 11:38:22
4 412 Welder, Laurelee 56 Kelowna BC CAN 1:25:06 5:05 6:08:10 5:10 3:57:10 11:40:39
5 392 LeStrange, Missy 58 Visalia CA USA 1:11:37 3:35 6:06:04 5:17 4:14:18 11:40:49

Here is the link to the Race Coverage on

Technical Coaching – with Tweak

Laura has joined the folks at Tweak!

tweaked logo

Tweak < the athletic edge > is a one-of-a-kind facility where technique matters. We’ve combined coaching and instruction, with sports science and computer-based technology to provide state of the art athletic tutoring.
At tweak, the athlete can see the proper technique corrections with immediate visual feedback – instantly closing the loop between what the brain thinks the body is doing and what the body is actually doing. By using tweak’s real-time motion analysis system you will finally see what your coach is saying.
Be video taped swimming in the water or riding the bike, Laura will work with you to analyze the results and provide feedback to maximize your efficiency.

More information, including specific services and fees, is available on the Tweak <the athletic edge website>.

Laura and the SpiderTech Road to Kona team

Laura in SpiderTechLaura is proud to announce a new sponsorship with SpiderTech. Laura will be part of the Road to Kona team and will regularly blog about her use of the SpiderTech products as she prepares to race at Ironman World Championships in November.

From the SpiderTech website:

SpiderTech Inc. is a newly formed company focused on the creation of innovative and effective functional medical products designed to approach pain management and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized elastic tape applications called “SpiderTech”. SpiderTech originated from the collaboration between a Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Jardine and a client – an amateur athlete and successful industrialist. During a course of therapy to address a debilitative knee problem for the client, use of Kinesology Taping modalities led to two critical results; * a remarkable efficacy, allowing the client to both regain pain-free mobility and resume his training regimen * a partnership in the development of a complete range of engineered Kinesiology Taping solutions providing therapist and clients with effective, easy to use, treatment options utilizing the proven benefits of kinesiology taping. Manufactured using the proven tape products of Nitto Denko – manufacturers of the original Kinesiology Tape – SpiderTech is now a line of 16 pre-cut therapeutic and performance enhancing supports. The SpiderTech Professional line of product is the next evolution in the clinical use of kinesiology taping.

Laura is excited to use SpiderTech tape to helping her arrive in Kona race ready and injury free!!